How not to comment…

I turned my comments back on, because the many shouldn’t be punished for the few. With this I get a bunch of spam, unsolicited medical advice(like the image below) and flat out mean people who hide behind an anonymous name.

The image below is a screenshot of a comment I received recently, and didn’t know how I wanted to respond. I know I wasn’t going to publish this comment so there would be chaos in its comment section. So, before I marked it as spam, I took a screen shot, to show everyone an example of comments that went get published.

First there are the obvious things like:

  • You can tell their level of medical knowledge by the anonymous name.
  • I am pretty sure I didn’t choose to be defendant on alcohol.
  • This person has been trying to help by telling me I’m not mentally I’ll, I’m just f#!k’d in the head(from a previous comment)?
  • If someone could beat what knocked them down by manning up, pharmaceutical companies would be out of business.

This person couldn’t diagnose themself out of a paper bag. So if your interested on making my spam folder, I am more than happy to put you there for free! Act now and leave me a nasty comment and you can be the next addition to my spam list.

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