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Sound Familiar?

Here I go again, sounding like a broken record. It’s that time of the month again. You know when I am supposed to be heading to the pharmacy to get my meds refilled. Dont get too excited, in fact pump the brakes.

Four calls in four weeks, that is how many times I contacted sound, needing to speak with the last person familiar with my situation. Today was her last day in the office for the week and I didn’t get a call. This morning was my last dose of 200mg sertraline. The last two times I ran out I had transproration was able to get meds by day out #3. The 3rd day after running out, pulling the trigger sounded like a better option than the pain I was in.

If you haven’t read about the previous calls, this link will take you to my post titled “Forced to Break the Law”. #forcedtobreakthelawplease share this story and link on your social media. Not trying to be famous, just trying to get help.

I dont know what to do this time and I’m with out wheels.


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