Just Following Directions

I really dont like sounding like a broken record (repeating myself), but here I go again.

This is the end of day 1 without my anti-depressant medication outage. My mental health care giver didn’t call me back after calling twice just this week. Now it is the weekend and she is gone until Tuesday. The last time I ran out, it was three days until I could get a refill. By day three I was ready to pull the tigger instead of deal with the pain I was in.

After calling 28 psychologists this week looking for someone who is seeing new patients, can diagnose adults and take my insurance, I struck out. There are still 8 people yet to return my call and the other 20 couldn’t help me.

I threw a hail Mary and called my insurance yesterday. In the first few options to choose from, one was mental health emergency. That’s me I thought, as I hit option 8.

After only holding for a couple minutes, a lady answered. I did the best I could to explain my situation and got pointed in a direction. Dont know if it is right yet, but a direction is better than I had yesterday. She also tried calling my mental health care giver, but got the same result as I did on my four tries.

She then told me to not wait until day 3. Make a best effort to get to urgent care or an emergency room. So, for the second time this week I will be hiking into town. Who knows what will happen or how long this adventure will take, but I’m getting an early start this morning. By the time this post is published, I should be there.

Maybe the ladies will be happy to see me again…

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