Strike #1

Figures, I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as walking 10 miles. I made it to the hospital and took a 20 minute break to cool down. I was admitted, given a room and had my vitals checked. Then as the RN was finishing my intake questions the doctor came in.

She took one look at me and knew she wasn’t going to help me. I did the best I could to repeat myself for a fourth time in 30 minutes, and explain what’s going on. She talked down to me like I was stupid, which upset me. She asks me why I didn’t call my PCP about this.

I replied that he was my physical doctor, not my mental doctor. She replied, “So? He can get you that medication too.” She rolled her eyes a made a sigh, like you dip shit.

I told her that I didn’t know that or I wouldn’t have walked 5 miles to get here. I then tried to explain that I was instructed to be here. I didn’t want to hike another 10 miles and come back with no medication.

In a nut shell, her solution was to call my PCP and ask him, or don’t and pull the trigger. This took me straight to pissed off as I flung the oxygen monitor of my finger. I told her, “You are not listening to me.”

She said, “Oh, I’m listening and were are done here.” and walked out.

If you haven’t read about the previous calls, this link will take you to my post titled “Forced to Break the Law”. #forcedtobreakthelawplease share this story and link on your social media. Not trying to be famous, just trying to get help.

What the hell am I supposed to do now? I tried my doctor’s office to see if they could help. They are closed for the weekend. I would have to make it to day 4 to even try to contact him.


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