Strike #3

I keep hearing my parents yelling at me, saying what part of the word “no” do you not understand? The “n” or the “o”? Needless to say, when someone tells me no, I stray away from pushing an issue when someone tells me no.

This situation was urgent and, to me at least, a life or death one at that. To get caught up, “Just Following Directions”, “Strike #1” and “Strike #2” preceeded this post.

The pharmacy is closing, no phone calls and I have been scanning for a location to be picked up. I called a couple other pharmacies near me in case she called the wrong place (even though I’m the one that gave her the correct phone number). No dice.

What else could I do in 20 minutes I thought, as I felt like I backed up in my corner ever further. Shoot I still have 20 minutes, I’ll check the pharmacy again, since they didn’t return my phone call and I know I left a message at the right place.

I headed back into the pharmacy to check again. The lady that helped me previously told me that she had checked the messages earlier when I was in. She offered to check the new messages to see if it came in after I left.

Three different people in the pharmacy took turns listening to the messages for a few minutes and said that there was nothing for me. The pharmacist grabbed the headset and had a listen. He asked me what the doctor’s name was. I did the best I could.

Another couple minutes go by (17 minutes to close) and the pharmacist asked what medication it was. He then asked me what the dosage was. He put the headset down and said something to one of the ladies and then he turned back to me.

The pharmacist, while filling a prescription, then tells me a story that I could understand. It goes like this:

“After reviewing the messages more closely, we found the message for you. She didn’t leave her name or info and called in a prescription for a drug that doesn’t exist. What she called in was 1x 200mg pill daily for 2 weeks. Since you knew the doctor, medication and the correct dose I will fill it. You should call your doctor about the mix up. Give me a couple minutes ok?”

I’m not counting my chickens until I’m on my way back to camp with my medicine. It took the pharmacist 2-3 minutes to fill and my receipt says 6:46pm. I didn’t look back, spun around to face south and started the 3 hour hike back to camp.

As soon as I got back I inhaled a granola bar, chugged a bottle of water and passed out until 1:30am. I tried to eat but it didn’t work. I read and wrote some before crashing again around 5am.

Why does it always come down to my last straw at the last minute? It is not like I haven’t tried several times over the last month to take care of this…


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