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Tortured by Sound

Beyond Human Endurance

By Carol Lee Brook

Quote from the cover of this book.

What you are about to read is true. This is the way it happened–this is what Carol wants you to know and believe. Because what happened to her… COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!”

Before adding this book to my for later shelf, on the kcls website, I had no idea of what it was going to be about. I had found it doing a search on hyperacusis. I have been burning through the books on the “for later shelf”, for months now, and have cleared out almost 30 books, all non-fiction. Some were about my health, my hobbies and general interest. This book fell into the “my health” column.

The first few chapters covers Carol’s struggles and tinnitus. It then covers many of the treatments she tried, after being told it was a cure by her doctors. The saga then shifts to a new doctor and a new diagnosis, hyperacusis. That is as much as I am going to spoil.

If you haven’t heard of tinnitus or hyperacusis before, but knows someone that suffers, should pick up a copy. It is an easy read that is broken up into several small chapters to total 295 pages.

Quote from page 232.

Hyperacusis extracts all feeling of self-worth. It humiliates its victims and strips them of normal feelings and actions.

This was written 20 years ago and in a way mimics part of my story. Why did it take me three years to find this book. A story written by a victim and her personal experience helped open my eyes a bit. 20 years later, today, doctors and mental health professionals still dont have a clue!


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