All Stop!

I woke up this morning feeling ok, just tired from finishing that book and starting another. I haven’t been down to the river in a month. On Monday I moved my washplant about a mile and it took all day. Tuesday I had to run to town to get my medication refilled and yesterday was a day of rest.

I checked the weather and couldn’t find any excuse for me to start marching. Before I left, I had breakfast and a pint of cranberry juice.

While prospecting, doing different things, I was easily light headed, dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. The eighth time I woke up standing in the river, slipped on a rock and almost split my forehead like a coconut.

I took a break, but couldn’t sit still in the heat. When I stood up slowly I still got dizzy. That is when I called an all stop!

I put my stuff away, grabbed a bottle of water and sat in some shade until I finished sipping my water. I stretched out a 15 minute hike into a hour stroll back to camp.

I want overheated, dehydrated or malnourished. I wasn’t weak, short of breath or stressed out.


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