Great Week

On August 9th I headed back to the woods. I had to head back for a doctor’s appointment and to some folks up from Oregon. I got some great photos and sold a couple on Adobe stock. That is the end of the great week.

The rest of the week wasn’t so nice. The doctor appointment got canceled at 8am the morning of the appointment. Their office called and woke me up two hours after I had went to bed. They were informing me that my doctor called in sick. So there was a waste of three days that I waited for the appointment.

When I get back to camp, I found that a bear had made himself at home while I was away for the doctor appointment. I really dont want to talk about the mess he left me.

My cell phone required my to do a system update. I figure it’s a security update or something. It was a security update alright, upgrading my whole OS to Android 9. Now a full charge of my battery lasts 6 hours, where before the update I would get 2-3 days. When location is turned on now, I can watch the percentage go down.

I called my insurance for a third time on the same issue. First call was July 22nd, where I put in a request for a case manager. That was in the post about “Hallee”. It was marked urgent and I was told I would hear from them in 10 days. I even asked her “Are you sure?” To which the reply was yes.

On August 5th I made the second call. I called after the end of the 10th business day, giving them the full 10 days. Neat, she called 4 more providers for me and left messages for them to call me. Not one of them called me. I also inquired about not getting in contact with me within the 10 business days. She informed me that one still hadn’t been assigned and put un another request.

The third call, yesterday, was 19 business days since the first call. I was told that one had been assigned, but there was no phone or email contact information. She looked in another database and found a phone number to their main office. She also sent an email to the company requesting someone contact me ASAP.

The call ended with her transfering me to the office that handles the case managers. I didn’t have an extension to put in so I went to the directory to search for my manager. Not surprising at all, but her name wasn’t in the directory. I then went back to the main menu and left a message for a call back. I didn’t get one yesterday or today.

August 13th was my 14th wedding anniversary. I figured it was just another day for her: work, pick the squirt and watch the Huskies. I didn’t want to call her at work because I remember her saying they have been really busy at work. I gave them time to eat dinner and get settled before I called. I found it odd that she didn’t call me and give me a hard time for not calling her yet.

She answered the phone like, oh why are you calling me out of the blue. I didn’t say anything to give her one last chance. She asked what was going on? I told her happy anniversary and she said “oh”. That is not the best part. I have been aching to get my son out here this summer since mother’s day, he’s 11 now. I was then told that he has been way too busy this summer to spend time with his dad.

The week is not over yet. I haven’t said anything about today yet. Today I got an early start to head to town for some produce and books from the library. The 16th of each month is when I get my food stamps. I stopped at the store before the library to get a snack for my visit. After paying I checked my balance of my food stamps and the balance was $10.00. When I made it to the library I looked online to see what was up. In typical fashion, DSHS ended my food benefits. The only assistance left that I receive is my apple health insurance.

If there is an evil villain trying break me like they did Winthrop (Dan Aykroyd in “Trading Places”), they are doing a damn fine job.

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