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Can’t Move Today

As summer time in the northwest comes to an end, I needed to get some things crossed off of my want to do list. The days are getting shorter and usually after Labor Day the weather starts to turn back towards the wet. Heck, the leaves are already starting to fall.

Yesterday, I got an early start and headed back to the 5 1/2 mile quarry. One of my readers commented on looking for quartz crystals. I can tell you that after climbing up and down the face of the quarry a few times, that there were no signs of quartz. I hammered away for about three hours before the direct sun sucked the last drop of energy from sweat soaked body.

Here is the shot I originally posted:

It looks a lot different from the top…

I did however find a little treasure at the top that I was not expecting. I walked right past it on the way up and didn’t see it because it was behind me the whole time. Keep in mind I used my cell cam for the shot because I wasn’t going to hike down 400 feet and then back up for a shot yesterday.

I was actually high enough to see over the foothills, for a view of Mt. Rainier. Total trip with equipment 13.1 miles with peak elevation of 2052 feet at base of quarry. I call it 5 1/2 mile quarry because it is 5.5 miles from the first gate.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Move Today

  1. Yeah, that’s definitely not “Site C” from the Hansen Creek area from what I was referring to originally from your previous post. The dead give away is that well-maintained road, which is totally not part of the Site C equation.


  2. Shoot I could have told you that. Also there aren’t two locked gates to drive to Hansen-C. Still can’t beat yourself up, cause you had the right mind working.


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