Seriously II?

Ok, some of you might be wondering what the hell is he going to write this time. There cant be any thing left to go wrong. Well, that is what I used to think. Let us start with something some might be familiar with, finding a case manager.

I believe I left off with making my third call, 19 business days from original call. It ended up with a third request being put in and me leaving a message with the agency that provides case managers. I didn’t hear back from anyone by Monday and Tuesday i was too tired from all the hiking to call.

Wednesday morning I called my insurance to see what my next step was. I am now on business day 21 of the original 10 I was quoted. I again explain the situation and wait for a response. The response was not even on the same continent as what I expected. Any guesses…?

Here goes, “Does the name Sherwood sound familiar? Yeah that is your old manager from 2017 and she doesn’t work there anymore. The three requests that were put in were to an employee that doesnt exist anymore.”

I asked her what that meant. She replies that she has to actually put in a request for a manager and not for a message from ex-employee. That unfortunately means the 10 business day clock gets to start over. Sure, why not. I have nothing better to do than wait for someone to fix their screw up. I’ve only been waiting for three years.

This next tale I haven’t mentioned, for the benefit of the doubt, to see how it would play out. I can only give you the facts the far and not the end of the tale.

This tale started on July 23rd, the day after my emergency room disaster. I called the hospital’s main number and asked to speak with the administration. She transferred me and a receptionist asked who I was looking for. I let her I wanted to leave some feedback for my last visit to the emergency room. She then transferred me to the desk of the person in charge of their emergency room. This is when I left a detailed message about the purpose of the call and my contact information.

In the waiting area of the hospital they have a big TV advertising themselves and services. One message says something like your opinion matters. We follow up on your feedback. Another message says, 99% of patients are called back the same day. They are both a lie.

Eight days after I left my message with the administration, I still hadn’t received a call back. I figured if an admin didn’t feel like calling me back, maybe there boss would. I went to the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital website and went for the juggler, the board of directors president. On August 1sr I called her and actually had a conversation with her. I got a little empathy and excuses. The call was ended with her requesting that I call her back in a couple weeks.

Today was three weeks and a day since we last spoke. I called the president and left her a message around 10am this morning. She returned my call in less than an hour. She started the conversation with, refresh my memory again, what was your issue about. Oh yeah, from the Snoqualmie Hospital. Ummm…

She told me that she had brought it up with the staff and excuses about not having the capability to handle mental health issues. My level of frustration grew.

I told her that her hospital doesnt have to have mental health facilities. Their staff does need to be trained on recognizing mental health issues though. Then I told her they work in a hospital and I don’t. Therefore they know or have access to more tools than I. Something as simple as knowing of a facility that can help a patient with a mental health emergency. They can direct that patient to a facility that can handle their situation.

Shoot, even I remember Santa sending customers to other stores in “Miracle on 34th Street”. Towards the end of the call she says I know you have been through a lot with having to hike and all. What would you like out of this?

All this time they were thinking I was doing this because I wanted something. That was their bottom line to putting me behind them, so the could forget about me and move on. To tell the truth, I dont know what I want out of this. Sure in a fairy tale I ask for a million dollars and get it, but that is not what came out of my mouth. In my mind I had thought it over for a couple hours before answering. In reality, what came out a fraction of a second later was,”I dont want to be afraid of going to the hospital.”

Insert long pause, where she is speechless from my answer. After a short bit she replied, that is a fair request. The president told me she was going to a board meeting tonight, and would bring the subject up again. Their staff and board are going through a change in management(more excuses).

She verified my number and assured me that this time she would call me back. Like I said, this is not the end of the story.

About 40 minutes after we disconnected I got a call from a 425 area code number. I figured it might be one of the twenty psychologist’s I called finally returning my call after four weeks. Insert buzzer noise, I was wrong again. Any guesses.. ?

It was someone from the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. She mentioned that I had spoke with one of the directors and asked if she could be of assistance. I said, “No”. She asked if she could help with a prescription refill. I said, “No”.

In my head I was screaming bloody murder. Thinking things like: Do you even know what you are doing? Do you even know what medication it is? Didn’t you read the warning label either? You are a little fucking late! I needed that refill 37 days ago. Let me guess, the director hadn’t done squat, felt bad and made a rush call to the hospital to try to cover her ass and had the hospital call me so on paper it looks like they resolved the issue.

This took me from frustrated straight to boil. I said as few words as possible and said bye. Well, so much for waiting to see how it played out. I needed to start typing so the next chapter won’t be so long.

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