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My no fly zone is growing weekly it seems. From just the hospital, I am adding the library. This is after my horrible experience yesterday. Here is the feedback I left on

My last visit to the library, yesterday, will be my last visit. I no longer feel safe, included, listened to or welcome. I got kicked out for following proceedure.

I am a 45 year old autistic adult who has a rough time with sensory overload, especially with light, sound and smell. I am also homeless, unemployed and without transportation. I found out this week that there is a video on Temple Grandin and autism I wanted to view. Yesterday I left camp and hiked 6 miles to the library. Once there I asked the librarian about using a study room to view the video(less distractions, noise and light). I also checked out a laptop to view the video. I had the room for two hours and the video was 98 minutes.

I powered up the laptop, logged in to PC reservation and started a two hour clock. Then came a knock on the door that sounded to me like a battalion of cannons going off, and the door opening. It was the librarian asking for my ID for the laptop checkout. Nothing said about the lights being off for the video. She apologized, thanked me and left.

Over the next 45 minutes 4 more people knocked and just opened the door. I thought to myself, sure a good thing I took my anxiety medication. The sixth person to knock and open the door was another librarian coming in to tell me I had to turn the lights on if I wanted to use the room. There is nothing accommodating about forcing a known autistic person, with light sensitivity, to make things brighter. What the hell, I thought.

I turned the lights on and tried to shield my eyes from being able to directly see the florescent lighting. I didn’t have to endure that for much longer because 5 minutes later a big guy just opened the door and said he had a reservation. I looked at my screen and my two hour clock said I still had 38 minutes left on my two hour limit and with all the interruptions, had only seen half of the video. I was so mad I started to cry, stop the video and packed up my stuff and left.

I ask you, would you want to go back to this nightmare? Upon leaving, I started heading 6 miles back to camp on foot for nothing but a horrible experience and sore feet after the 12+ miles I ended up walking. I want my whole day back! I stopped at a park to cool down before the long hike and didn’t get back to camp until 2:17am. Thanks KCLS!

Maybe everyone else doesnt think like me. In my mind, if I make a special effort to notify the staff about my reason for needing the room,they would listen. So when I told of my light sensitivity, Ishould never have been told I needed the light on to stay in the room.

When I was assured by the librarian I would be able to watch video, I should never had anyone barge into my room telling me they had a reservation. Reservations at the Snoqualmie library, as of August 1st of this year, are no longer needed. The study rooms are on a first come first use basis. This is why I left so early yesterday to get to the library. So I would have a better chance of getting a room.

When I asked for the room, she pulled out her notebook for the study rooms and wrote my name in. There was nothing else written on that sheet of paper, hince no other reservations. This leads to the question of, how did this room get double booked if there were no reservations when I got there?

Only one thing came to mind, why is it that most of the people that work in libraries so stupid? And… maybe libraries only have women staff because because they need to smarten up. The men are already too smart to work there or they would.

I think the hardest part for me is trying to understand is how others are able to survive and communicate with such limitations.

Time to say it again… I feel like the last three years I have been standing in the middle of a busy intersection, screaming for help and waving my arms, to get someone’s attention. Everytime somebody comes up to me, they look me over and say who needs help? Should I tell them their eyes are broke and to listen for the guy that needs help?

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