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Happy Anniversary!

The featured image is my personal favorite photo that I posted my first year.

Wow! I cant believe it has been a year already…

1st year Stats for Nerds(like me):

  • 7,143 – Views
  • 3,388 – Visitors
  • 327 – Posts
  • 107 – Followers
  • 66,000+ – Words / 157wpp
  • 1,405 – Likes
  • 94 – Comments

For those of you around the world, here are the top 5 countries for visitors:

  • 1st – USA with 4,284
  • 2nd – India with 1,385
  • 3rd – Slovenia with 291
  • 4th – UK with 256
  • 5th – Canada with 197
  • 1st Alternate with 96 is Germany

According to the counter on the camera, I pulled the trigger over 5k times.

1st shot with Nikon Coolpix P530

Between my struggles with my health a grandmother dying and using second-hand older equipment, I survived one year without quitting. That’s crazy for myself, as I see in pictures and videos for memories. I see things with the most intricate details, yet I still haven’t been able to get my equipment to do what I need.

I went from selling aluminum cans to buy a battery for my used Nikon, to homeless in the woods with an endless supply of things to shoot. I have changed from a guy that takes pictures of things not knowing how they would turn out, to composing shots and fiddling with settings until the lighting is right. Most importantly, I have come to realize that it is okay to take a picture that does not turn out right. Afterwards, I can reflect and use it as a learning experience.

Now that I know the basics of how a camera, works I have put together a list of minimum requirements(things I need the camera to be able to do) for my next camera. I will share this in another post. I hope this will help in the aid of a new camera selection. I feel like the photos I’m taking now are just okay.

Maybe someone has said this before I did, if not you can quote me.

“Your photography is only as good as its weakest component. Whether it be your equipment, your ability to compose, the subject, the weather or timing, something can be changed to affect the outcomeof your shot for the better.”

What are the future plans for latenyte photography?

  1. I need to do something about my website. I have already started by upgrading my account, so that I can customize themes create real web pages, separate from the blog as a part of the site instead of having the site revolve around the blog and remove images no longer being used. I will have more storage so it’s quite possible this year more videos will appear.
  2. If I shot over 5000 images last year, then that needs to double this year .
  3. Make an effort to get more traffic to
  4. I’ve set a new goal of submitting at least 10 shots a month to Adobe Stock. Even though some of my photos were selling, I stopped submitting new photos around the time I had my 2nd heart attack in November.
  5. I would like to start reserving myself at least 3 days a week, 5 hours a day exclusively for photography. This time could be spent working on the website, social media, editing photos, submitting stock photos, or planning future photoshoots. This time does not include the shooting of the photos.

These are broad obtainable goals. They need to eventually get done anyhow. Now I have given the tasks structure and a visual way to keep myself on track.

If you are new to, welcome. If you have been following me for a while, thank you. When you want to ask me something but don’t want to post it for all the see. please click contact latenyte to send me an email. To those of you who did take the time to comment on my blog, thanks. There were good, bad and informative comments last year. All of them we’re learning lessons.

I will end this long post with the last shot on my camera as of midnight.

Was looking at an old channel.

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