Whooo’s there…

Went to stretch my legs last night and this 20 pound owl landed a few feet away. No time or cover to sneak my camera, but I had my phone. Best I could do with my pants down.

I watched the owl for about 20 minutes, walking a few feet one way and then another. Was trying to get a better view to learn more about owls. This one was definately hungry and it almost seemed like it was watching me.

It was getting dark and I still had a chore to do in the pit, so I started heading that way. I made it maybe 100 feet before the owl scared the crap out of me. It went from almost quiet to the sound of a set of six foot wing flapping like crazy right behind me. It was the owl taking off from his perch 100 feet away. I turned real quick to watch it fly away.

Not what I expected for sure! The owl looked like it wasn’t flying away, but diving down straight for me. This didn’t scare me but made me more curious. Since no doctor will help me yet, I am trying to find my own answers. Here is my question:

I calculated it’s speed and trajectory. I already had a visual map of this area in my head and knew where things were in the dark. I didn’t move because I just knew it was going to fly over my head. Sure enough, the owl was just changing perches. It now felt as if the owl was following me. That’s when I heard another noise coming near me from the ground. I knew it wasn’t a threat to me.

It was a mouse. Crap, the owl isn’t following me, I’m the owls bird dog so to speak. All of my noise from walking is making the little critters(owl food) scatter. Just like when a bird dog chases the ducks out of the reeds for a shot.

Satisfied with what I think I learned about owls, I did my chores and went back to camp…

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