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Trying to figure out the title? I’ll give you a hint. The title of this post is an acronym. Got it? Okay, another hint. The first word is “if” and the last word is “it”. Stew on that for a while…

There are a lot of things I have been putting off lately that are relatively simple tasks. I feel that if I were to just do them now, I would be wasting time. Meaning, there is a much more efficient way to do them making them easier and way faster. Leys say to do them now, it might take up to 80 hours. Let’s say I can do the same tasks, in the efficient way, in only 10 hours. Translated, if I were to do them now, the would get done but I would be wasting 70 hours.

Still working on the acronym? The last paragraph is you next hint.

So what are these mysterious tasks about? I need to clean up, organize and update What would make it more efficient?

  • I could use my laptop and complete several tasks at the same time.
  • Switching between screens takes less time.
  • Being able to see whole pages saves time.
  • Using the mouse to more precisely select, create and modify things saves a ton of time.
  • Being able to type on an actual keyboard instead of a stylus on a cell, you figure it out.
  • You get the point.

Why am I not doing this now?

  • My battery lasts maybe 1.5 hours.
  • No way to charge battery at camp.
  • It’s old and sluggish, but my only computer. Dont want anything to happen to it.
  • The more I bring in, the more I have to bring out. I have maybe 100 pounds of stuff I brought that I haven’t used since April.

Ok, if you dont have the acronym by now, I’ll just tell you. If there is a problem, yo I’ll solve it. Lyrics from Vanilla Ice.

The new question becomes: How do you use a laptop without power, internet, network or any cabling? This question has been haunting me for weeks. At least as far back as July, when I had to decide to invest another year into photography, or say screw it nobody listened. I, being an over thinker, line up the hundreds of variables.

Ironically, a massive brain fart happened when I was typing up something with my stylus on my phone. The light bulb got so bright it popped. Here is what I have come up with:

  • My laptop bag is actually quite comfortable. It can be used to carry some of the burden of weight from carrying my devices to charge*.
  • Use the laptop in the park(which is much closer than town) and have 3x USB charging ports.
  • While using the laptop it can also be charging at the same time as the other devices.
  • I would have 4x charging ports in one spot of the park, instead of having to keep an eye on two locations.
  • Everything I need to do, pretty much, I can do without internet connectivity.
  • To move the files online is a tricky maneuver for me. I have limited data and dont feel like combing my laptop’s settings to make sure it doesn’t try to download something. Solution: turn mobile data off on my phone, establish a wi-fi hotspot, transfer files to my phone.
  • To address the data issue, and remain inconspicuous, on my way back to camp from the park, I walk past the hospital. It is only a couple block detour, free wi-fi and the signal is good just outside the hospital. Without having to setup my laptop, I can simply open the wordpress app and upload the files looking like I’m sending a simple text.
  • I am not going to count on the hour and a half battery at camp, but if needed, I might get an hour out of it.

The results: I am willing to hike for 30 hours to do 10 hours of work, instead of just doing it in 80.

Benefits: I can put some time in editing photos, I can do non-latenyte tasks and can be backing up my data.

Tired of tapping my stylus, cheers!


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