Good, Bad & Awesome

The good…

Like the featured photo, it’s that time of year when the leaves start to change their color. While out on my hike today, I took a few shots of the change.

The Bad…

The picture above might look like a wonderful trail to hike. Well, it is except for those darned dead alder leaves. To me, someone with hyperacusis, it is a nightmare. I started my hike today, out my driveway, like every other time I’ve hiked it. This time was much different.

It sounded like I was in a big empty room with hard floors, so the sound was not only louder, but kind of echoed. The sound I was hearing, sounded like the leaves were giant doritos. Every time I took a step, it sounded 100 people came into my room crunching doritos as loud as they could with their mouths open into megaphones. That was fun without my headphones.

The Awesome…!

I hiked to a different creek to get drinking water for camp. It was a little further that where I have been getting it. The difference, I hike uphill with empties, and it is then all down while to camp. The opposite of what I have been doing, hiking down into a canyon and then all uphill with full ones. This creek is also where I thought I lost my headphones a week ago.

I set the empties down and scoured the area for a third time since the disappeared. I looked everywhere and like the other three attempts, they were still MIA. As I bent over to grab the empties, out of the corner of my eye I saw something green and round, not like the leaves. I reached in and came out with dry headphones. Awesome!

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