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Really, the police…

I guess I look worse than I feel. While charging my batteries at the park this afternoon, someone called the police on me. All I was doing was sitting by the soccer field in the shade, reading a book.

It wasn’t very comfortable, so I moved up to a picnic table. About ten minutes after I moved a police officer came toward me with what looked like 20 magazines of ammo. I’m the only person in over 100 feet so i was his target. He said how you doing. To which I replied fine.

He then said this is just a welfare check, so I was relieved. I told him I wasn’t on welfare, just food assistance. He checked my ID, probably for warrants. Then he left after he noticed I was snacking on baby carrots and 2% milk. I thought damn right no warrants, alcohol or heroin here.

I guess this is where I thank the person who called the cops on me so I could have an anxiety attack.


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