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Learnt sumthin…

Let’s ponder yesterday’s shoot.

  • Remembered everything I needed.
  • Didn’t run out of battery.
  • Wasn’t injured or threatened.
  • Didn’t miss the moonrise.
  • I learnt sumthin.

The place I chose to shoot from could be described as the mid level of a valley. It was 600′ down to the river and almost 1200′ to the top of the ridge. You could call it a shaved area. It looks like mother nature shaved all the trees and bushes from this section, just grass.

According to, from Snoqualmie, WA the moon would rise at 129 degrees. The compass on my GPS was pretty accurate. What I learned here was the moonrise may be blocked by something on the ground, in the air or by clouds. I was at the mid-level of a valley, so I had clouds and a ridge blocking my view.

The moon finally showed it’s half and half self from behind the ridge at about 15:45. I got to play with some settings that I’m still working on and a handful of shots I cant wait to see on a bigger screen.

Lost track of time again and had to hustle back to camp to get my sleeping bag off the line before it got soaked. For the last week or so, from about an hour before the sun goes down, a low cloud or fog has been getting everything wet.

Would I try it again, yes._ photos from the shoot are in line, waiting to be developed.


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