The gloves are off and they drew first blood. If they thought I was a problem before, that was me being nice. No more tippy toe’n on eggshells and no more damn waiting. I have been patient and waited like they asked for over three years. Screw rocking the boat, that ship has sailed. It is time to tip the boat over!

This is another scheduled post, as I’m writing it Sunday at 17:00. I’m organizing my shiz so I can hike out in the rain tonight. After calling the mental health emergency line again, it has been recommended to me to visit the emergency room. I dont know if this is something they do to get people off the phone to let someone else deal with it or what. I’m not giving up but going to a different hospital.

I have my meds and documents and will be leaving tonight, no matter the weather. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but I will be putting my foot down and not leaving without answers. This means I dont know if or when I will be returning.

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