No more repeating myself!

I so tired of repeating myself that I’ve quit talking. Talking hasn’t worked as a form of communication. So let’s not keep trying that and expect a different result than the one I have consistently be given, over the last three years. I will try the exact opposite and see what happens. I know I will benefit from no longer talking to people that don’t listen, in person or on the phone.

I have no idea why I had these with me, but they are the thank you’s I put in the box when shipping an Ebay sale. I thought sweet, I’ll just write a little something on the back that points to the answers to their questions. If they want to know how I feel, see things or understand things, that I may not communicate right, are all right here in my proverbial online book. Im so transparent in fact, that I have even posted the full audio of my last appointment with my clinician/case manager/counselor/or whatever the hell his job title was. If I were to give him a job title, it would be carrot dangler.

They are paid to say things like, “oh geez, I dont know what happened?”, “That sounds rough…” and “I’m really concerned about you!”. Then they say see you in two weeks. You leave with nothing but a #2 sandwich and nothing for another two weeks. Waiting to see if nothing works this time…

Do these people pay money for an education for this job or can anyone do it. Heck I could write that down, tape it to a desk, and get $100 an hour to tell people to wait and see if nothing works for a 4th consecutive year.

  • One patient – $45k/yr
  • Two patients – $90/yr
  • Three patients – $105k/yr
  • Five patients – $200k+/yr
  • this is patient hours per week.
  • if you worked more than five hours a week, of course your revenue will rise.

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