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Murphy is Back!

  • Got belongings back from hospital staff.
  • Every nook, cranny and object was turned inside out and just thrown loosely in to a plastic bag when searchad by sheriff.
  • To angry to do inventory after not finding my 128gb Samsung microSD card with latenyte’s photos from its first year.
  • All photos since April hadn’t been backed up yet.
  • Discharged at 14:00
  • Saw something I wanted to shoot.
  • Took 8 photos.
  • Went to call a ride and wallet is missing.
  • At 14:28 my wallet was stolen.
  • Looked for the wallet until 19:30.
  • Saw the video of what happened and didn’t need to look anymore.
  • 19:36 called for a ride and told 1-2 hours.
  • At 23:01 still no ride.
  • 23:33 ride shows and drops me off at I-90.
  • 23:44 or starts raining buckets.
  • 01:41 had to stop and catch my breath.
  • 02:42 back to camp soaked and bedding is wet.
  • No drinks, snacks or potty. Straight to the gravel pillow after being up almost 41 straight hours.
  • Woke up by phone ringing around 08:30 from PCP. Ignored on purpose after only 5.5 hours sleep in two days.
  • In a fog all day trying figure out what had just happened.
  • 16:00 went to the bushes and my TP was gone.
  • 16:11 found my antler I found missing as well.
  • 16:19 after checking the rest of camp, I was robbed while in the emeragency room.
  • Cant go to library, park, YMCA or safeway now, for their reasons.
  • Checked messages and called PCP back at 18:06, gone for the day, left message.
  • It’s now today at what ever the time is and I still dont have a solution and am worse than before my trip to swedish.
  • Haven’t been able to eat since the unsseasoned, charcoal flavored chicken puck, frozen apple sauce inside an apple(stored wrong) and 2oz. shot of cranberry juice.
  • Bedding is still all wet and looks like the antler taker may have sabotaged the rain fly over bedding.
  • Canceled bank card. New card sent to branch in Snoqualmie.
  • Canceled food stamp(snap) card. No way to get a new one.
  • No way to get a new driver’s license.
  • No way to replace my “Stranger Things” – Stuck in the Upside Down wallet.

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