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#2 Sandwich

I’m so full of #2, I will probably never eat again. It’s been nothing but #2 sandwiches since 01:00 Monday. What tols did they leave me, nothing. Not even a toothbrush. That is just #2’y if they think just sitting here with a twig getting the corn and seeds out of my tooth.

Go back to camp, sit and wait, do nothing and see if some new #2 happens. If it doesn’t, well #2 you did nothing wrong. You are going to have to start that #2 all over. Here have another #2 sandwich while you start over. This #2 needs to stop cause this #2 ain’t working. What kind of a #2 program are you trucking running over there?

I’m fed up with #2 sandwiches and being told to like them. I dont know how much more I can take before there is an assident.


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