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  • Sheriff made an 11 hour and 46 minute call on my cell. The call was still connected when I got my phone back from the hospital staff.
  • The camera lens was off of my nikon. Wtf? And a wonderful finger streak…
  • Still to violated to sleep or eat.
  • I dont even want to go through my own things to inventory.
  • I wonder if the sheriff was thinking, damn that guy isn’t dead yet? Let’s mess up his stuff and life more. Then see if he will do it.
  • Cant renew domain beccause that info was stolen and cancelled. So website is probably going down as I dont have another form of payment.

This is how things really work in the USA. The media and government hide stories like mine to keep the illusion going. It is no longer the land of opportunity. It is now the land of sleep with one eye open, dont trust anyone and the land where doctors would rather kill you than help you. It sucks saying that but USA, these are the facts.

It is sad when a society would rather call the police on someone than ask them if they are ok. Try living in a world designed to benefit everyone who can deal with the noise, light and chemicals.

I dont care how many appointments they schedule me, they are now too late. I’m not leaving camp. I’ll be sitting right here with my 357 mag protecting the little I have left. No more reason to hike to town or keep my batteries charged.


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