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Back to work…

It’s time for me to quit dreaming about the hospital calling me, finding my SD card. The way Murphy has been treating me this year, nobody probably even looked for it.

I haven’t taken a photo with my camera since I left Swedish in Issaquah. Heck, I still have the sheriff’s finger print on the lense of my camera. So I will pretend the last six months didnt happen, take the loss of the $60 SD card and try to get back to work.

  • Ordered new card from DSHS
  • Went to PCP – unavailable
  • Went to urgent care
  • Called 8 more providers
  • Saw PCP – medication management
  • Picked up meds
  • Ordered new license
  • Got new bank card
  • Cleaned camp
  • Domain renewed
  • WordPress renewed
  • Cell reactivated
  • Got new garden cart(featured photo)
  • Read, “The People of Cascadia”
  • Got 6 new books from library
  • Remembered my laptop
  • Started winterizing camp… oh boy!

I won’t be breaking my back anymore, hauling in supplies with my new steel off-road garden cart(400lb capacity). As I sit and write this post it is a mere 44 degrees at camp and no fire…


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