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Making a plan…

I need to get back down to the river to document the damage. The featured image shows a big crack in the hillside across from hole #1. One, I'm curious what got moved where, like the tree I used to cross to the sand bar.  Two, I know for a fact that one of the... Continue Reading →

40 degrees

It's cold, wet, windy, muddy and can never have enough firewood. Heh, looks like I Armor all'd the tires.

Wolf Spider II

Sex: MaleName: Horn EngallsYOB:2019 It is spider mating season and the males are out to drop a load to as many females as he can find. Mr. Horrn E. Spider is actually sniffing out webs coated with the female pheromones to get busy. Unfortunately for Mr. Horn the female he was stalking was a different... Continue Reading →

Wolf Spider

Washington native spider commonly found in forests that is not toxic to humans. It might look scary with a fuzzy body and spiny legs, but trys to avoid people.

oh my lanta

Two weeks ago, sunshine and not even a trickle in the stream by camp. After the storm, imagine a 24 inch culvert full, shooting water out like a dam release. To top it off it is loud as truck. This is a poor photo from my phone. But what you are looking at was dry... Continue Reading →

What a night…

Was not in the forecast nor remotely expected. Late last night while I was playing cards, out of no where, a massive thunder cell popped up right on top of me. At least that is what the gps and weather radar said. The current weather said hazy or overcast. You know how you count from... Continue Reading →

24 new pages

Wow! Gotta love working with good music. So far today I've roughed in 24 pages of the first section I'm working on. Time for a break...

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