WTF? #12 Our taxes at work.

It’s been a long time since I have posted a What the Foto? Today I’m posting a sign that I pass along hwy 18, under the I90 overpass, everytime I hike into town.

The sign should read, “If you cant figure it out, start praying.” I want to know what person said, we need four of these signs and ordered them. As you can clearly see, it is a heavily trafficed part of the road without a shoulder.

  • Is the sign for pedestrians or for the vehicles?
  • What is the penalty if caught stopping or standing?
  • Is it an actual law or a suggestion?

When I pay my taxes, I sure hope it is not for stupid #2 like this. I am entering this sign in ArtizenX – Proscemium’s friday follies season 5 week 2.

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