I have finally put it off long enough. From the looks of things, I will be wintering out here in the woods. I need to get busy on my winter shelter and I’m way behind. To help, yesterday I packed in on my shoulders these lovely ten posts.

Weird, they are designed for outdoor use and are plenty sturdy enough for my new 96 sqft thing to keep the critters out of my stuff. I’ll let my son pick out the name. I think having his first camping experience should be more memorable later in his life if it was associated with something that was his and he named it.

In my exploring I have found tons(literally more than 4,000 pounds of scrap) of twisted up old culverts that were replaced a long time ago. I have been trying to figure a repurposed way to use them. I could cut them up for roof tiles, saving the amount of lumber I will need to forage.

Since there is an abundance of clay around here, I have also thought of shaping it into a stove for the pole lodge. I have no hardware, welder, solder or high temp duct tape to put it together. I could mix up some high strength clay, use the metal as a mold and pack both the inside and outside with clay and fire it to harden. Solves fireproofing and moves the heat source inside the mansion in the woods.

As for water storage, I have a 5.5 foot peice of 24″ culvert that can store about 120 gallons. I figured lots of way to seal the bottom, but none that wouldn’t make the water toxic. Out of the blue, another brain fart slipped out my nose. There is some new skirting, the stuff put up along construction sites, to keep debris from contaminating other property. I could cover the bottom and make a rope hose clamp(I dont know what name people use for this). No toxins in the water and a good tight seal.

Part of my day yesterday was also cutting wood. I probably have 2.5 stacks of 5’x8″-10″ rounds to be transported back to camp via cart. From now until the end of time, everyday it’s nice I need to be gathering.

I dont want to break a leg, only have bad luck, dont pray and fail almost anything I start, I guess hope i do better?


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