Last Upgrade

When it comes to computers, they are only as fast as their slowest component. When it comes to finding a renewable power solution for camp, you can make all the power in the world but it dont mean squat unless you can store it for use on a day without sun.

I currently have a 5,000, 7,800 and 10,000 mAh power bank. Enough to fully charge my phone four times with a 25% reserve for emergencies. On a battery budget(extreme conservation), that could last 5-7 days, depending on usage. This is why I was having to hike to town every week, causing days of delays at camp every week.

With my new solar panels, I have positive power production. I am producing more power than what I am using. The easy solution is to get another power bank, with a larger capacity. Then came the mission of sorting through the 1000’s of products and vendors, trying to find something that would work and a little holy #2.

The one I chose I picked from Walmart’s website. I picked the 500,000 mAh , 4-USB port 5A-2V power bank. If I lost 25% of the power on this device, through leaking, I should still have enough juice to keep my phone charged for two months without recharging. But wait, I have the solar panels to keep it charged. Oh my gosh, they want how much for that dang thing and shipping? I better get the 3yr replacement warranty too.

Out the door, after taxes my final upgrade cost me $20.84(taxes, shipping, 3yr replacement warranty included in price).

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