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A year past…

It has been over a year already, since I had two heart attacks. I guess I had so many #2 sandwiches that the year flew by. I’m still alive but I:

  • Still don’t have a mental health diagnosis
  • Still don’t have a mental health provider
  • Still living in the foothills
  • Still don’t have a cardiologist
  • Still don’t have transportation
  • Still don’t have any state cash assistance (only food)
  • Still don’t have any federal cash assistance
  • Do have my medication
  • Do have a PCP advocating for me
  • Did get to see my son for my birthday


2 thoughts on “A year past…

  1. What a tough year it has been for you…those are lots of hard issues. I pray that your circumstances will improve and you will get the help you need. It’s so frustrating to wait for services that you need now.
    Thank you for updating and sharing your life…

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