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blinded by the light

I left camp yesterday at 5pm to pickup a prescription in town. I got to the pharmacy by 7:30 and then grabbed a few things at Safeway. It rained sideways on me the whole way there and all the way back to the park. I stayed dry.

The rain let up at about 11:30 and then the wind picked up. My umbrella wouldn’t stand a chance with a car passing by or a gust of wind. Around 1am I started the last 4.5 miles back to camp. My driveway needs drainage and is a mud bog.

It was this last leg that was incredible. The full moon was so bright that colors were clearly visible at 2am in the woods and that is crazy. There were three layers of clouds going in different directions and it different speeds. From one view point I hung out for 20 minutes, just watching the clouds roll over tiger and taylor mountains.

If i only had a camera to capture it… I made it back by 3:30am.


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