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I’m calling you out!

Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA

My residence has been in Federal Way, WA for more than a decade. In my experience the city can trespass on your property and cut down your landscaping without notice. Then the city of federal can fine you for letting some if your landscaping recover.

Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA

In the city of Federal Way, WA, if your residence is burglarized, the police will make sure nobody is inside for you. That is about all they do except for issuing a case number. The police dont gather evidence, investigate or incarcerate.

Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA

I cant tell you what my neighbors told the arson investigator, but I know what they told me. Turns out the fire started closer to 8am as reported by the neighbor that called 911.

Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA

It turns out that he went around the house seeing if anyone was inside. He heard more than one voice inside but they didnt respond at 8:30am. He returned to the front of the house and didnt see anyone come out the front or come around from the back.

Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA

Where did these people disappear to? The answer is through the woods to Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA. Did the police investigate the mysterious missing persons? Nope.

Laurelwood Park – Federal Way. WA

I knew where I found the A-holes camp that robbed me two times ago(the last guy I caught in the act). So after the house got covered I went for a hike in the rain. It’s basically been raining here for 3-4 weeks, some days brought inches of rain. I guessed the drug addicts were fair weather A-holes and wouldn’t be home.

Unarmed, with my phone, I hiked through the park. This is what I found:

  • Drug needles everywhere.
  • 8 illegal camp sites.
  • Locking mailboxes if neighbors.
  • Tons of neighbors mail and some of mine.
  • 1000’s of $ worth of stolen property including some of mine.
  • It was so bad that it is hard to explain but, Laurelwood Park – Federal Way, WA is a hazardous waste site.

These photos were taken Friday afternoon in the park. What the hell Federal Way? I’m calling you out!


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