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No Pass

I still dont have the ok to go into my crispy fried home. The longer I’m forced to delay, the less likely I will be able to save anything from water damage.

The investigators are manipulating the facts, spreading lies and holding up the whole process. What is worse is there is nothing I can be doing legally. That leads me to do the one thing I dont want to do.

I’m going to go find the party responsible for the fire and see what happens. The fire folks dont look for the culprits and I dont even think the police are on the case. Not that they would try to investigate anything.

Here is the sad thing. The same A-holes have been burglarizing people throughout the nieghborhood, stealing their mail and turning a park into a hazardous waste dump. I have photos of 4 different neighbors’ mail and a whole mail lockbox. Going unpunished the A-holes are getting bolder, victimizing more residents and getting away with the crime.


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