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Totally helpless…

Like I needed any more anxiety in my life, yet I’m getting it by the semi load. Today it’s been two weeks since my house fire and I’m still not allowed back into my own home.

I’m not allowed to try to recover any valuables, personal items or heirlooms. The longer I’m kept out of my home the less I will be able to recover. Top that off with my home not being secure.

That’s correct, my home is not secured. We had a contractor, on the day of the fire, board up the exterior. They didnt board up everything and what they did do, was a #2 job.

The A-holes that broke in and started the fire, have torn down the plywood, continued going through my stuff and started more fires in the house. They can go in my home a recover my remaining valueables, yet I’m not allowed at the house.

Here is where this #2 story actually gets worse. I’m the suspect for the fire in my own house. Just typing that lie gets me so pissed off I turn purple and breath fire. That have wasted two weeks investigating me as a suspect instead of trying to find out whose two voices were heard in my house, the morning of the fire. The same morning I was in bed sleeping.

Again, I feel as though this innocent guy is being forced to break the law to save any of my family’s belongings.


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