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big latenyte

A sketch of me when I was over 260.

I haven’t had anything nice to say lately, so I have kept me ramblings to a minimum. I suppose it is time for an update. 16 providers called and two appointments later, I am still spinning my wheels. Both appointments were a bust and told me we don’t do that here. Then they would follow that with, I don’t know who told you that.

I am however making some progress with my case manager. She connected me with someone more in the mental health game. We spoke on the phone today and she is off pursuing some options for me. Let’s just say it was good to talk with someone that sounded like they might have understood me.

To touch on the guilty until proven incident story, I finally heard from internal investigations guy with the sheriff’s office. He tells me that the deputies don’t normally go to the hospitals after the ambulance has departed. Now I am going to have to figure out how to deal with a hospital that gives me nightmares. I might even have to face the people that violated me.

Some upgrades for camp this year include a new 50w solar panel. This will expand my resources and range of exploration. Heck I could charge the battery of my truck If I needed to. To pair with the solar panel I got a solar generator. It allows me to run 12v devices and has an AC outlet. The new mountain bike will definitely help increase my range and resource gathering.

Let us not forget the new 10th gen laptop for editing my photography! I hope those that have been visiting have enjoyed the photos starting up again.


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