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My parents vs. COVID-19

I headed back to town to check in on my 73 and 74 year old parents. They are in the covid-19 hot zone in Washington State. My father already has walking pneumonia and is never not sick. My mother could be a mile from contacting someone with the flu, still get it and spread it. They both leave the house daily for unnecessary errands, appointments and work.

I witnessed my father repeatedly sneeze without covering his mouth and nose. When I reminded him to cover up when he sneezed, he growled at me and said I forget. The next sneeze he covered his m&n and then wiped his hand on the arm of his chair. After four hours of the touching door knobs, remotes, hand rails, the box of tissue, fridge, chairs and kitchen counter, I wanted to get the truck out of there.

He never even washed his hands. This is someone that demands cleanliness and doesn’t care for anyone else, anywhere. Selfish!

My mother on the other hand at least gets her hands washed a few times a day. I’ve had a talk with her about the situation as well as my father, but I’m their 46 year old kid who still doesn’t know anything. Old dogs not interested in new tricks. Nothing will change except my location. I’m sitting outside until then. To me 40F isn’t that cold if you understand it.


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