tomorrow relax…

If you cant see it that’s good. A shot from the first place you can see my camp, .63 miles from the logging road.

I’ve got a lot done this week and feel ok to rest my sore muscles for next week. Here is a cliff note update:

  • Still no luck finding provider for evaluation.
  • Nerve conduction study failed. Said all normal.
  • Doctor still refuses surgery and amputation.
  • Medication functioning.
  • Depression moderate.
  • Anxiety somewhat dimmed with miles of trees between me and everyone else.

Some good news I suppose… I had a good talk with the family last week and my son called me today. Even better, no bears or cats yet.

I’ve been slacking on posts when the weather is nice and days are short. Tomorrow I will be heading down by hole #2 to check out what the floods did to boulder alley and the stacked rocks.


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