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First an explanation. I haven’t been writing about my journey lately because I have been seriously busy trying to get my autism evaluation done. In the past when I wrote about my progress, things didn’t work out. I figured by keeping quiet I could maintain my focus.

Trying to get something done, that seems impossible, takes forever during the covid-19 pandemic. So even if a place was open for telehealth, their office may be closed. I had to reach over 100 miles to find a doctor that would do it for money. That is money I don’t have.

I contacted a provider in Ellensburg, WA, in Kittitas county, who was in phase II. I had my intake appointment with the provider and was then sent home with homework. After sending it in I was scheduled with a test date. That date was yesterday.

The test/evaluation has been completed and I wait for the results.


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