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mic drop

OCD – Nope

ADHD – Now maybe not…

ASD – Yes

GAD – Yes

MDD – Yes

I want at least the last 40 years back! What the front door… It explains a lot and yet makes me so angry I could spit fire. It was kind of weird having someone I had never met in person, completely explain my life to me, spot on. All over telehealth with a bearded and barefoot doctor in Ellensburg, WA. Well I got the new evidence I was looking for.

I have some conflicting diagnoses, so I am still looking to get a second opinion from the UW Autism Center in Seattle, WA. I thought I signed up for their 1+ year wait list on July 17th last year. Turns out I merely signed up to be on the wait list. Last week they finally called me back and had me fill out another form. This new form will be reviewed to determine if I can be on the wait list finally.

Getting mental health help in this state takes forever, even if you seek it. Add in a dash of Covid-19 to the search and it becomes impossible.


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