Every week will review something to do with photography.  I will touch on subjects like Apps, Books, Equipment and websites.  I might even throw in a movie every once and a while.  I am not going to hide anything from you, the reader.  Most of the links from the review section will take you to and the product info page for the item that you clicked on.  At no point are you required to buy anything.  For more information about the links, they are described better below.

  • Photography App Reviews
  • Photography Book Reviews
  • Photography Equipment Reviews
  • Photography Website Reviews
  • Movie Reviews

What does this mean to you the reader?  It should mean nothing.  It doesn’t affect the price of the item good or bad if you decide to make a purchase.  It doesn’t require you to make a purchase.  The link is to give you more detail on the item so I don’t have to cut and paste or retype the information.

What does it mean for me?  Well, if you have read any of the blog posts about me, you might know I am disabled, can’t work and broke.  If someone did decide to make a purchase of an item then I receive like a penny for every dollar you spend or something silly.  If you don’t buy the item that you were referred to see but stayed on amazon and got something else, I think I get 1/2 a penny per dollar spent.

If you would like to support and make a few purchases through amazon during the year. Then instead of donating to you could save the following link in your browser. Link to Shop like you normally would and I get a few pennies for the referral. I don’t know all the details, but if I made an extra dollar a month, that would be a 1.1% increase of my monthly budget for everything that is not food

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