Followed my own Tips

Good news from the Stock Photo arena. I haven't really been able to shoot much this year yet. Of the shots I have taken are much better quality than a few months ago. I have been following my own tips and am already seeing results. I have been submitting smaller groups of images instead of... Continue Reading →

Another Milestone…

I've been patient and have not been trying to rush things. The rules of probability were in my favor this time. If you read my blog, then you already know that I submit most of my photos to Adobe Stock for sale. I believe I have over 60 images that have been approved for sale.... Continue Reading →

Adobe Stock 2019

I have been contributing to Adobe Stock, to sell some of my images, for about 3 months now. I wanted to use it as a tool to possibly generate income to support my photography. In 2018 I submitted a total of 145 images to Adobe Stock. Of which 61 images were accepted for sale. So... Continue Reading →

With a few exceptions…

Last night I had one of those really tiny LED light bulb going off moments.  Ironically, it happened as I was headed to bed for the night (4:45AM).  All of this exposure to new terminology, new technology and a new way of looking at light, I understood the difference between someone that takes pictures and... Continue Reading →

Now the editing fun begins…

My trip was a success.  Well it was a success in the sense that I got out of the house, I got to shoot some new material and investigate a area new to me.  I am wrapping up my trip today which means I have a ton of images to edit and submit to Adobe... Continue Reading →

When did this happen?

I understand I have been out of the tech field a while, but what happened to computer software?  I just read a thick book about a service that gave you access to their software by the month.  After reading the book and doing the review, I figured what the hell, I'll go see how much... Continue Reading →

Back to the Books

I took the day to rest yesterday and saw four movies in the theater.  Over the last few days I have been trudging through a 700 page book I borrowed from the library.  Every once and a while I get an e-mail from Adobe, with a "special offer" for Adobe Creative Cloud.  I haven't opened... Continue Reading →

New stock photo rejections

I'm grinning typing this.  As I continue my journey into photography I continue to find ways to screw up photos and learn even more about what I don't know.  Over my last few rounds of submissions, I have had photos rejected for reasons not given previously.  I know exactly why these were rejected, lack of... Continue Reading →

Adobe Stock Link

So I have mentioned many time that I am selling stock photos to help support latenyte's photography.  I have shown examples of photos that were rejected but I haven't shown any of the photos that are available for sale.  So without further a due, you can click on the image below to view my Adobe... Continue Reading →

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