Thanks Murphy!

Once again my plans were for not.  What do they say about Murphy's Law?  If something bad is going to happen, I will happen when you don't want it to or something.  Every day I look at the forecast and last night was supposed to be the only night between my last trip to the... Continue Reading →

Capturing Light by Michael Freeman

I was able to finish going through this book this morning.  I started reading this not knowing what the book was about, other than capturing light.  I would consider myself a novice when it comes to photography and capturing light.  After all I only have a little over a month of experience behind a camera. ... Continue Reading →

When it rains I read…

I find it uneventful, unproductive and boring to sit and wait for the skies to clear.  I went out looking for books.  I'm tired of paying late fees at the library and need new reading material.  I sought google maps looking for used bookstores near me.  I went to five different stores in three towns. ... Continue Reading →

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