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So a couple days ago I posted an edited image. My laptop was sluggish so I rebooted it. Now it wont boot and I've been trucking with it for days. Cant even do system restore. Awesome!

in the studio

Back in the studio for a couple days. I started going through some of my early photos that never got edited and found this one. It was actually my third shot and was not so wonderful. Simply enhancing the color gave me this nice image. Original

Back to work…

I hope all of you have had a few days to recover from the holidays. I'm running on about 80% of one cylinder but duty calls. Over the holidays I was able to experiment with different kinds of shots. On Christmas Eve, we had dinner up north with family. There were 23 people in a... Continue Reading →

Basics of Photo & Video Editing

Don't let the title of this book fool you...  The last book I read was Photo and Video Editing for Seniors.  I got this book not knowing what programs they were using in the book, but the level it was teaching at.  This book goes into great detail about how to use Windows Live Photo... Continue Reading →

What else is out there?

Now that I am exploring more about editing lately, I have grown keen to Photoscape.  I am past the cut paste and crop phase of my editing and Photoscape can do way more than I know how to do yet.  Photoscape doesn't have a layer function though.  That made me start to wonder what else... Continue Reading →

The results are in…

So yesterday I posed to myself, a challenge.  I took a photo that I thought was okay and wanted to make it better.  The featured photo is the unedited image as the camera saved it.  I knew what the rock was when I shot it and think  I was the only person that knew it... Continue Reading →

Only as strong as…

When I built computers I would tell my customers that the computer is only as fast as it's slowest component.  I am sure something like that can be said for photography.  My photography is only as strong as my weakest skill.  All of my skills are pretty weak right now, but I would say my... Continue Reading →

Breaking it up a bit…

To someone that doesn't know how I work, if you were to come into my studio, it may look like a bomb went off when a student was studying for their finals.  I am trying to tackle quite a few things at the same time.  On my laptop I am redesigning  I returned 5... Continue Reading →

Now the editing fun begins…

My trip was a success.  Well it was a success in the sense that I got out of the house, I got to shoot some new material and investigate a area new to me.  I am wrapping up my trip today which means I have a ton of images to edit and submit to Adobe... Continue Reading →

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