Water is Low

The water here on this creek has went down over a foot in a month. You can see the high water mark by the moss on the big stones. There won't be a creek here in another month at this rate. I won't be able to post images from my camera until I get back... Continue Reading →

Nice Rack!

My legs were a little sore still from walking to the hospital. I am still hearing echoes as well. I need to make another journey to the pharmacy, which is a mile each way further than the hospital. So this morning before it rained I wanted to get a short walk in and explore another... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Advennture

Time away from camp: 12hr 20 min Total distance traveled: 12.37 miles What started as a mission to charge my batteries and phone, turned into a ER visit and heart medicine for another month. So if any of you from the hospital read this, thank you. You accomplished more in a few hours than my... Continue Reading →

Time Out!

It is officially rest time. Everything from my toes to my head hurts right now. I fell three times today, once from passing out(maybe one of the 7 dizzy meds). Blisters, bruises, slivers and scratches oh my. I am already fearing the morning. It just now dawns on me as I type this... I'm not... Continue Reading →

What a day…

I can now say that I may have found the easiest way to get to the river while out exploring today. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is also the longest route I've taken so far.

All clear…

I stayed out until 10 pm at my lookout. No signs of people where I thought. That is good news. The even better news is, from my lookout I have a clear view of the area within 3 miles from camp and I saw no campfire smoke. I thought I was sore this morning. Now... Continue Reading →

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