24 new pages

Wow! Gotta love working with good music. So far today I've roughed in 24 pages of the first section I'm working on. Time for a break...


I have finally put it off long enough. From the looks of things, I will be wintering out here in the woods. I need to get busy on my winter shelter and I'm way behind. To help, yesterday I packed in on my shoulders these lovely ten posts. Weird, they are designed for outdoor use... Continue Reading →

Back to Photography

With the whole medical issue being monitored, I thought it was a good time to figure out where I left off before I disappeared for 3 days.  I was trying to finish my run through of the book, "Creative Composition"I had started a 10-day course on photography compositionCreating a searchable database of latenyte's photosFundraising for... Continue Reading →

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