Collier’s Guide to Night Photography in the Great Outdoors

"This book is intended for those who already have a good understanding of how to use a digital SLR camera. You should know how to focus manually, how to get a proper exposure when shooting in manual mode, and how to view and interpret the histogram. I won't spend a lot of time explaining the... Continue Reading →

Adding new WTF category…

I couldn't take it any longer...  I had to create a category for everything I see and shoot that makes me want to say what the foto?  I am pretty sure this category doesn't need any further explanation.  Now that we have that cleared up, I need to pick something from my reserves that will... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!

I had a good birthday today.  I knew I had to be at a place by 6:30pm to have dinner with my wife and son, so I left the house at about 2pm.  My journey was about 10 miles and I didn't want to be late. I took a path to get there that I... Continue Reading →

Intermingled Hobbies…

I have the luxury of having a few hobbies that get intermingled with each other.  For over 30 years I have been a gold prospector/miner, rock hound and more recently an amateur treasure hunter.  I consider them intermingled because when I go out looking for the shiny stuff I always see things I want to... Continue Reading →

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