4th of July

To some it is just another day. For an American, it is the day we declared our independence and became free. So please take a moment, if you are an American, and say thanks to our forefathers for setting up our nation. Some think it's a celebration to light fireworks, maybe, when it's an anniversary... Continue Reading →

Cat Nip #8

Met a new neighbor today on my walk back from this evening's photo shoot. Here is what I'm sure it's not: Cougar, Mountain Lion, Bear, Deer, Elk, Moose, Turtle, Cow, Pig or Horse. I have seen one previously at about 2600 feet, east of Enumclaw, WA. Within the last 30 days I saw a special... Continue Reading →

Just like that…

I left the house this morning before the 5 am news came on. I stopped at the 76 station to use my kickback rewards card to get 10.92 in free gas. With my nerves in high gear I hit the highway. It only took me 16 minutes to get to the first gate. I drove... Continue Reading →

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