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Sound Familiar?

Here I go again, sounding like a broken record. It's that time of the month again. You know when I am supposed to be heading to the pharmacy to get my meds refilled. Dont get too excited, in fact pump the brakes. Four calls in four weeks, that is how many times I contacted sound,... Continue Reading →

Flying Slugs?

Dont ask me how, because I haven't a clue. I am curious how a slug got on top of a tarp, 6 feet off the ground and tied to 4 trees. It either flew, jumped, tightrope slimed or has an invisible ramp from the ground to the tarp.

Barely Baker

If you have really good eyes, can forget about phone camera quality and zoom in, you can barely make out Mt. Baker. If you were the person taking the shot with your cell phone, after you put it away, your eyes can clearly the amazing mountain. This trail is the one along Snoqualmie Parkway, heading... Continue Reading →

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